All of your data in one place, easy to understand and accessible from anywhere.

Use MetricsFirst to make better data driven decisions. Merge data from various systems (back office sales, reservations, website, social media, etc.) into a central reporting tool to provide a genuinely holistic view of members and club operations - whether you have one technology vendor or half a dozen.

The MetricsFirst Advantage


Whether it's appeasing your board or a committee, rest assured knowing you've got the data to back up your business decisions.


We help you identify trends in spending, club utilization, & social groups which are key indicators of future member attrition.


We connect all your data sources into a single set of customized dashboards for easy analysis.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

MetricsFirst clubs use the data they already have to make better decisions

"This application has afforded us be able to spot spending trends, receivables data, & nearly every aspect of our club membership within an intuitive platform."

- Dale Cadeau, CPA, CGA, CFO The Arbutus Club

"When making club decisions, the board, committees, staff, and executives no longer rely on opinions, hunches, anecdotes, and misinformation."

- Kevin Vitale, General Manager/COO Baltusrol Golf Club

"Having the MetricsFirst Dashboard at our fingertips is an invaluable resource."

- Ryan Case, Controller Bayview Yacht Club

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